Our Coaches

Helen  - Level 6 Coach - Head Coach & Founder of Enigma

Qualified for twelve years as a Cheerleading coach, also a Level 4 Exercise to Music and Pilates instructor, I have a lifelong love of music and dance.    I have been coaching cheerleading and gymnastics for many years, qualifying with British Gymnastics in Tumbling and Women's Artistic Gymnastics.  Having coached teams at Pipers Vale Gymnastics I started Enigma in 2013 to  re-invent our cheerleading offering to full All Star Cheer as well as recreational sessions.


My daughter Steph coaches with us and is a competitive Cheerleader, my son is big into football.


The dream continues with thee opening of a training facility dedicated to Cheerleading and its disciplines of stunting, tumbling gymnastics and dance.  I want Cheer to be accessible to all and share my love of this great sport.

Steph- Level 3 Coach

The original of cheerleaders in Ipswich at six years old, I have taken classes in Ballet and Modern at Linda Shipton School of Dance since I was three years old.  I was a County Grades gymnast at Pipers Vale before becoming a recreational gymnastics coach.


I have been coaching at Enigma for six years qualifying as a junior coach, a senior coach and a level 3 coach.  


I compete with East Coast Emeralds Level 4 Team, Legacy and am a member of Team England Adaptive Abilites All Girl Cheer team and will be competing at the next Workd Championships in America.


I love the technical aspects of coaching competitive cheer and creating fun routines for our athletes of all ages and abilities.

Megan - Level 2 Coach

I’m mum to two cheerleaders (Coach Tilly and Lilac). Before you say it, yes I am old enough to be a Tilly’s mum!!!


My background is in dance, in particular Ballet. As a teenager I danced with the English Youth Ballet, it remains a passion of mine although the art of grace departed me a long time ago. I continue to stay current within the dance world by being on the committee for local dance festivals. I love nothing more than the power of performance and hope that this translates in my coaching.


I currently coach the Senior Team and have done so for 2 seasons. Coach Steph is my co-worker; she is the brains and has vast experience that I cannot rival. I like to think that with my loud voice and her creativity we make a dynamic duo.


In my coaching I work towards improving self belief and determination. I recognise that as an inclusive club, every athlete has a different ability and differing goal. I aim to celebrate the diversity of our athletes and hope that each athlete in my team feels valued. I am a firm advocate of ‘positivity breeds positivity’.

Courtney - Level 1 Coach

I have been a dancer for 16 years taking part in many styles of dance such as ballet, tap, contemporary and street. Last year joined cheerleading as a coach and joined the senior team and competed in March 2020. I love running as it keeps me fit and helps me meet new people.


Coaching means seeing athletes of all ages grow and seeing the joy in their eyes when they are able to execute a new skill well and watching them push to achieve what they want. Coaching takes you on that journey with them and watching the effort and determination, they put into the routines is amazing and such a proud moment.


When I coach I want the cheerleaders too push themselves to show how incredible they can be and I hope to show them their true potential and for them to believe they can do anything if they put their mind to it.